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Letters to The World At Large

In Inner Workings, Main on August 23, 2010 at 5:01 pm

…Or maybe just the Internets.

There has been, (a regular thing lately) a lot of introspection.

I graduated with a lot of dreams and ambitions, and almost five (five!) years on, I’m disillusioned and sort of trying to figure out what I want to do now that I’m finally ‘all grown up’.

I miss Chicago more than you’d think, being in NYC, given that NYC is the manic, interesting city it is. Something about Chicago, besides the cleanliness (and the lack of smells! God, how NYC stinks!) attracts me. Maybe how manageable it is? That being said, I do not miss the very Midwestern passive-aggressiveness nor do I miss the huge concentration on meat in all the cuisine! There’s certainly a buzz of ambition in NYC that I never felt in Chicago, and being a very Indian person, it helps that I can find random desi junk food at all hours and times of the night.

Every day, I find myself sinking a little bit more into NYC, and often, catch myself thinking, well, Chicago would never have this. Perhaps the impossible has finally come to pass? Am I really becoming the snobby New Yorker that is oh-so-superior to everyone and everything else, that I really swore I’d never become?


Unfinished Epiphany

In Admin Notes, Getting Married, Main on March 15, 2010 at 11:52 am

Editor’s Note:
This piece of blogging was started on an epiphany MG had in late January this year.  She started to write the thing, got distracted, left the blog for a month, and forgot what the epiphany was when she came back to finish the blog off. It’s left here as a monument to her scatterbrain mind, and for what enjoyment you, dear reader, may glean out of it.

Long before I got married last year*, life felt like it went into fast forward. Everything went by so fast- the planning, the painful weight-loss, the sending out of hundreds of save-the-dates and invites- that the sheer craziness of the frenetic pace didn’t sink in at all. The night of the wedding itself, even after all the religious rituals were completed, even as my mother shed copious amounts of maternal tears as if the world had suddenly rent asunder, all I could think of was mundane things: a) “I’m happy to be married to him at last,”  b) “Oh god, I’m glad I lost weight for this” and c) noticing a large digital clock somewhere on my way out of the wedding grounds, “it’s 3.23am already? That gives me about 6 hours of sleep before I have to get up for tomorrow morning’s festivities. Great! That’s more sleep than I’ve had all week!”**

It didn’t occur to me, in my everything-is-going-by-so-fast-don’t-think-just-do mode, to really think about what had just happened. I had gotten married. The enormity of it failed to hit me.  If I had looked any deeper that night, I would’ve probably thought no further than the upcoming honeymoon, the fact that my year-long diet was finally over, and that eventually, all my stuff needed to move to New York, to an apartment we had yet to find.

*Has it really become last year already?!
**Alas, it was not to be. Plenty of family traditions followed…I didn’t get to bed until 6.30 am that morning. Followed shortly by a wake up call at 9.30 from my dad. Hrrk.

2009- A Recap!

In Admin Notes, Main on January 7, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Based as this blog is, on my very anonymity, I would love to do a monthly recap of the year 2009. Unfortunately, too many identifying details (such as what happened when) might, shudder, expose me, and so, I am forced to do it by season. But enough of that twaddle! Let us not waste anymore time and go to it:

Spring 2009:

There was wedding planning. One heck of a lot of wedding planning. There was also disparaging of other crazies getting married, talk about rocks, and even some desperate-housewife style-action. Save-the-dates were sent out by the bucket load and invitation mailings were crammed together in three days, and there was even a bachelorette party in Mexico!

Summer 2009:

This was one hell of a hot summer. He and I got married, moved to New York, where we couldn’t find an apartment for two weeks, moving all of my stuff from one city to New York took forever, and we began to settle into our new lives: there were a lot of arguments, learning to deal with each other’s horrible house habits, (mostly his, mind you) and therefore, a dearth of updates. I did make one change though: the site’s banner went from Pre-Marital Musings to No-Longer-Pre-Marital-Musings, in anticipation, of course, of one day making it Marital Musings.

Fall 2009:

We settled in so much that I began to get bored and felt like I’d lost myself.  While that may have been due to a natural let-down from the mad-cap energy of the wedding, it seemed to me that the endless routine of make bed-go to work-make dinner-watch mindless T.V. – go to bed was killing me. And so, we cut cable T.V. out of our existence, made some space on the bookshelves, and decided that if we were going to be living in expensive, stinky New York, we might as well make the most of it. And so, we started going out for dinner more,  managed to check out a couple of exhibitions over the weekends and I even started a food section of the Married Girl blog! The arguments didn’t quite die down- if anything, they got somewhat worse. That being said, when we weren’t fighting, we were definitely enjoying being with one another once again.

Winter 2009:

As it got colder and every weekend began to have a baking session uh, baked into it, I recovered myself, and found some of my normal zest for life again, partially because of one hilarious message, which helped me find my perverted inner 13-year-old again. That, of course, is who I really am. A perverted adolescent boy, one who can find the lewdness in everything.

And it is with this refound zest and pervertedness, that I bid you all a very happy new year, where everything is stronger, faster, better, longer than the last.

That’s what she said.


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