Married girl is…well…married.

In mid-2009.

And this is her attempt to chronicle her miseries, her pleasures, her delusions, and most of all, her terror at her impending doom as she gets married to the man she’s dated for five years, moves to New York, and begins her life all over again.

Lest we forget,

Married Girl also has a full time job, that requires her to travel, a lot.

Married Girl thinks New York City is dirty, polluted, expensive, and the people aren’t nice. She’s been to the city twice in her whole life though, so maybe her opinion will change on this as she moves there for the first time.

Married Girl loves food. In all it’s forms.

Married Girl is also developing a latent interest in, of all things for a mid-twenty-something to be interested in, gardening.

Married Girl is not a generally miserable person. She’s quite sunny usually.


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